Our Laboratory equipment is being used among many industries and its application varies on many factors. Lab-Wissen brings a wide spectrum of pruducts and technologies for scientists, researchers, process engineers and countless industrial and manufactoring sectors. What is your application for our equipment?


Pharmaceutical industry requires various number of laboratory equipment and accessories to bring correct and effective results. Stable and reliable equipment means stable and reliable results and that’s what matters. Explore our products and get yourself the best tools for your business.


The global cannabis market exhibited strong growth during 2015-2021 due to new researches, legalization and other factors. The rapid expansion brought new methods and opportunities in Cannabis production. Transform your cannabis oil into cannabis powder with our Spray Dryers and become a leader.


Ceramics are known from ancient times. Apart from their decorative usage, ceramics are being used in the development of new technologies thanks to their outstanding properties such as: electrical conductivity, piezoelectricity, optical transparency, etc.

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