Introducing The New First Small Sample Viscometer!

The new year has begun with a new product launch by N-Wissen GmbH. The next generation m-VROC® has arrived with new instrument and software functionality to further simplify viscosity testing with even less sample volume.

m-VROC® II – is the leading automated and small sample viscometer. Capable of the most demanding applications, m-VROC II features the widest dynamic range (high shear rate viscosity measurements up to 2,020,000 s-1) with as little as 15 microliters of sample!

With the m-VROC II you are able to: 

  • Measure samples as small as 15 microliters with expanded operating range for both shear rate and viscosity
  • Control the temperature range thanks to the integrated Peltier system
  • Measures viscosity with the highest accuracy (2% of reading) and repeatability (0.5% of reading)
  • Take advantage of sample retrieval and recovery 
  • Characterize samples across dynamic applications from volatile chemicals to inks and oils

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