C2-002 – Industrial Vacuum Drying Oven

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Laboratory Oven is essential for general heating routines from drying food samples to curing microchips.  Lab Oven is one of the fundamental instruments every laboratory should have.

C2-002 is signature for its Far-infrared heating, fast temperature rising and cooling.

Fast temperature rising and cooling to improve production efficiency.

Auto/manual mode, at auto mode, the convection, air exhaust, temperature rising, treatment (repeatedly air suction and exhaust in process), cooling, deflation are controlled automatically, ability to edit various production programs with one key operation.

Adopt far-infrared heating tube to heat, condenser with fin (cooling water) to cool, and use the forced convection structure, fast temperature rising and cooling time.

Equipped with door detection switch, automatic door locks, door leak detection oxygen concentration meter, chamber oxygen concentration meter, pirani vacuum gauge, etc.

Equipped with safety devices of auto overheat protector, overheat protector, abnormal N2 pressure, abnormal oxygen concentration, abnormal cooling water, instant power outage protection, over-current earth leakage circuit breaker, etc.

  • - Battery manufacturing engineering
  • - vacuum drying to remove moisture and solvent in the electrode material
Technical specifications
Decompression - chamber wall and shelf plate heating
Operating temperature range
Room temp. +10~200°C
Operating vacuum range
Temperature rising time
~90min (Room temp.→185°C)
Temperature cooling time
~90min (185°C→50°C)
Temperature adjustment accuracy
±1°C (at 185°C)
Temperature distribution accuracy
±5°C (at 185°C)
Internal dimension (WxDxH) - single chamber
700 mm x 1250 mm x 700 mm
Power source
3 phase AC380V 6A

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