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C4-007 is an Automatic controlled Industrial Coater.

Usage: Assembly line equipment of small parts from coating to drying.

Coating room + conveyor drying oven + air exhaust system.

Anti-explosion structure and fire proof door.

Adjustable speed range 300-600mm/min.

Safety features:

Equipped with safety devices of abnormal temperature sensing, heater disconnection, overheat protector, abnormal air blowing and exhausting, abnormal conveyor, fire proof door, ELB to prevent overcurrent, etc.

  • - Assembly line equipment of small parts from coating to drying
Technical specifications
Forced convection circulation
Operating temperature range
Temperature adjustment accuracy
±1.0°C (at 100°C)
Steinless steal (Speed 300-600mm/min)
Exhausting method
Forced exhaust of centrifugal fan
Coating space
Auto-manual system
Power source
3 phase A380V

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