Energy saving formaldehyde emission chamber

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Environmental chamber can provide standard testing environment(such as appointed temperature,relative humidity,air exchange rate and airflow rate)or simulate real indoor environment,and test the pollutant release rate and release properties of various indoor materials and products.
Then it can:

  • Confirm the influence of environment variables on the release rate and release properties of materials and products;
  • Grade materials and products according to their release properties;
  • Develop and validate the proposed model of indoor air pollution;
  • Evaluate indoor air quality(IAQ)according to the data and proposed model of indoor pollutants;

Reference Standards

  • GB 18580 Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-limit of formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels and finishing products.
  • EN 717-I Wood-based Panels-Determination of Formaldehyde Release-Part I:Formaldehyde Emission by The Chamber Method
  • GB/T 17657-2013-4.60 Test methods of evaluating the properties of wood-based panels and surface decorated wood-based panels
Technical specifications
Product Model JC-1000
Environmental temperature 10℃~30℃
Environmental humidity ≤90%R.H
Requirements for Environmental No pollutant source in surrounding
Volume of climate chamber D1.58×W0.8×H0.8
Adjustable range of temperature High temperature cleaning 70℃
Adjustable range of humidity 40~70%R.H.(20~30℃)
Noise ≤60dBa
Temperature fluctuation ±0.3℃(Fluctuation)
Temperature deviation ±0.5℃(Deviation)
Humidity fluctuation ±2.5%R.H
Humidity deviation ±3%(Deviation)
Air exchange rate 0.2~2time/h±5%
Air velocity 0.1m/s~0.3m/s(Rang)
Power AC 220v/50HZ) Except air source electricity
Power 1.0kw
Background concentration of formaldehyde ≤6μg/m³
Air purification system Standard configuration
  •  - Adopted electronic refrigeration,electronic refrigeration redundancy design(Patent);
  • - Energy saving,average power consumption <500W/h;
  • - Anti-condensation design in cabin of emission chamber,anti-frosting monitoring and curve display during operation(Patent);
  • - Risk warning for sampling port condensation

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