Forced Convection Drying Oven – Move-in Cart Type

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Laboratory Oven is essential for general heating routines from drying food samples to curing microchips.  Lab Oven is one of the fundamental instruments every laboratory should have.

C4-003 is a Move-in Cart Type Forced Convection Constant Temperature Oven for thermal treatment of materials.

Cart is moved in or out integrally to improve production efficiency.

Program operation function.

Manually adjust the exhaust port to reach required ventilation volume (max. 100 times/hr).

Fluoro rubber sealing strip.

Equipped with safety devices of auto overheat protector, overheat protector, overcurrent earth leakage circuit breaker, etc.

  • - Thermal treatment of materials
Technical specifications
Operating temperature range
Room temp. +20~120°C
Temperature distribution accuracy
±2.0°C (at 120°C)
Temperature rising time
50min (Room temp.→120°C)
Ventilation volume
Max. 100 times/hr
Operation function
Fixed temp., program operations
Independent overheat protector, beacon, manual air exhausting device
Internal dimension (WxDxH)
700 mm x 700 mm x 1200 mm
Power source
Single phase AC220V

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