General Heating Baths

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  • Temperature range from ambient +7℃ to 100℃.
  • Microprocessor PID control / Automatic tuning / Calibration.


  • Easy readout digital LED displays. (0.1℃resolution)
  • Dual wait on/off timer modes. (1 min. to 99 hr. 59 min.)
  • Programming functions are ideal for critical research quality control, and regulatory tests.
  • Convenient memory function of up to three frequently set temperature.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction allowing other bath fluids as well as water and silicone fluids.
  • Low-profile reservoir design.


  • Isolated design of heater, and sensor by a baffle plate to protect users and samples against direct contact.
  • Complete safety protection system with warning alarms.
    – Low fluid level and dry-running, over-temperature, over-current.
  • Splash-proof keypad.
Model BW3-05G BW3-10G BW3-20G

Bath volume (L / cu ft)

3.5 / 0.1

11.5 / 0.4

20 / 0.7


Working temperature range (℃ / ℉)

Amb. +7 to 100 / Amb. +12.6 to 212

Temperature stability at 50℃ (±℃ / ℉)

0.4 / 0.72

0.3 / 0.54

0.3 / 0.54

Heat up time to 70℃ (min) (±℃ / ℉)





Bath opening / depth (W×L, D) (mm / inch)

240×136, 150/ 9.4×5.4, 5.9

300×240, 200/ 11.8×9.5, 7.9

498×300, 200/ 19.6×11.8, 7.9

Exterior with gable cover (W×L×H) (mm / inch)

307×200×264/ 12.1×7.9×10.4

360×300×294 / 14.2×11.8×11.6

564×356×294 / 22.2×14×11.6

Net weight (kg / lbs)

6.5 / 14.3

10 / 22

18.5 / 40.8

Electrical requirements (230V, 50 / 60Hz)

3A 4.3A 8.7A

Cat. No.

AAH41305K AAH41315K AAH41325K

Electrical requirements (120V, 50 / 60Hz)

5.8A 8.3A 8.3A

Cat. No.

AAH41306U AAH41316U AAH41326U

※ The lowest temperature that can be controlled depends on changes in room temperature and sample temperature. Therefore, please contact the distributor of our products before purchasing for technical consultation.

※ Technical data (according to DIN 12876).

※ Bath fluid : Water.



Transparent Polypropylene Gable Covers

prevent liquid loss due to evaporation, and also protect samples from contamination due to direct dripping of the bath liquid into the samples. The gable type roof accommodates glassware of varying heights.

Cat. No. Description Suitable for
AAA45531 Transparent Polypropylene Gable Type BW3-05G
AAA45532 Transparent Polypropylene Gable Type BW3-10G
AAA45533 Transparent Polypropylene Gable Type BW3-20G

Stainless Steel Flat Covers

Made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust. (only for BW-H and BW-B Models)

Cat. No. Description Suitable for
AAA45541 Stainless steel flat type BW3-05G
AAA45542 Stainless steel flat type BW3-10G
AAA45543 Stainless steel flat type BW3-20G

Open-rings Covers

Beakers or Erlenmeyer flasks can be placed directly onto the perforated stainless steel half-shelf adjuster or water tank bottom. By adjusting ring size for each glassware, liquid loss due to evaporation is minimized. (only for BW-H, BW-B, BW-G Models)

Cat. No. Description Suitable for
AAA45521 with 2 openings 80mm dia. (3.1˝) BW3-05G
AAA45524 with 1 opening 110mm dia. (4.3˝)
AAA45522 with 4 openings 80mm dia. (3.1˝) BW3-10G
AAA45525 with 2 openings 110mm dia. (4.3˝)
AAA45526 with 1 opening 185mm dia. (7.3˝)
AAA45523 with 8 openings 80mm dia. (3.1˝) BW3-20G
AAA45527 with 6 openings 110mm dia. (4.3˝)
AAA45528 with 2 openings 185mm dia. (7.3˝)

Test Tube Racks

Highly durable stainless steel test tube racks feature adjustable angle and tube height support without requiring any base plate. You can easily mount and release test tube racks.

Cat. No. Description Insert Capacity of Racks*
AAA41531 for 50 test tubes Ø8mm / Ø0.3˝ BW-05H
AAA41532 for 50 test tubes Ø10mm / Ø0.4˝
AAA41533 for 33 test tubes Ø12mm / Ø0.5˝
AAA41535 for 16 test tubes Ø16mm / Ø0.6˝
AAA41539 for 10 test tubes Ø25mm / Ø1.0˝ 1ea
AAA45551 for 176 test tubes Ø8mm / Ø0.3˝ BW3-10G
AAA45552 for 176 test tubes Ø10mm / Ø0.4˝
AAA45554 for 84 test tubes Ø12mm / Ø0.5˝
AAA45556 for 68 test tubes Ø16mm / Ø0.6˝
AAA45561 for 33 test tubes Ø25mm / Ø1.0˝ 1ea 2ea

* No declination.

Spring Wire Racks

Ideal for holding a wide variety of tubes, flasks, and other glassware. All components are made of stainless steel. (for all models)

Half-shelf Adjusters

Stainless steel perforated sample tray shelves with adjustable height support prevent leaks and guard against rust and contamination. (only for BW-H, BW-B, and BW-G Models)

Spring Wire Racks

Cat. No. Suitable for
AAA45502 BW3-10G
AAA45503 BW3-20G

Half-shelf Adjusters

Cat. No. Suitable for
AAA45511 BW3-05G
AAA45512 BW3-10G
AAA45513 BW3-20G

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