Hotplate & Magnetic Stirrers

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Digital heating and stirring control with high advanced features such as auto-tuning and various control modes.

Performance & Convenience

  • Microprocessor PID temperature control.
  • Feedback control allows constant stirring speed.
  • Auto-tuning and temperature calibration functions.
  • Multi-functional temperature control modes. (optimal / fast / slow / user / point)
  • Optimum heating level is adjustable from 0 to 100%.
  • Integrated design of the heater and the top plate provides exceptional heat transfer rate and quick heat up capability.
  • Fast and precise stirring operations are enabled by BLDC motor and special magnet with extremely strong magnetic coupling power.
  • Smooth-start mechanism provides virtually no decoupling of stir bars even with viscous media.
  • Instant halt of the stirring operation.
  • Precise temperature is set by digital display and optimum heating level is adjustable.
  • Advanced dual wait on/off timer modes.
    – User can set timer to starts immediately after the timer setting or only after reaching the set temp.
  • Separate operation RUN/STOP button.
  • Provided temperature probe detects the actual temperature of media in real time. (PT100, max. 250℃, SN-8-4 connector sensor)


  • Hot top warning Indicator, built in thermal shut off, current limit protection.
  • High and low temperature limit setting for user convenience and safety.
  • ※ CSA except for TS-18QG. / ※ RoHS except for TS-17SG, 18QG.
Model TS-14SG TS-17SG TS-18QG
Heating Temperature range (℃ / ℉) Max. 350 / 662
Control Feedback control with PID
Display LED digital (0.1℃ resolution)
Heating power (W) 600 800 800
Stirring Speed range (rpm) 30 to 2,000
Capacity (L / cu ft, H2O) 20 / 0.71
Magnetic bar, Max. (ØxL, mm / Inch) 8 x 40 / 0.31 x 1.57
Safety Hot top indicator (℃ / ℉) Warning lamp (50 / 122)
Over temp. Top plate / Main body / PCB
Over current Current limit protection
Motor BLDC motor
Timer 2 type, 1min. to 99 hr. 59 min.
Load, Max (kg / Ibs) 25 / 55.1
Top plate Shape Round type Square type
Material Ceramic coated aluminum
Dimension (Ø or WxD) (mm / inch) 140 / 5.51 170 / 6.69 180x180 / 7.08x7.08
Body Shape Straight body
Material Aluminum
Dimension (WxDxH) (mm / inch) 161x290x100 / 6.34x11.42x3.94 191x330x101 / 7.52x12.99x3.98 209x326x102 /  8.22x12.83x4.0
Net weight (kg / Ibs) 2.8 / 6.17 3.5 / 7.72 3.8 / 8.37
Electrical requirements (230V, 50/60Hz) 3.0 A 4.0 A
Cat. No. AAH34445K AAH34475K AAH34485K
Electrical requirements (120V, 60Hz) 5.0 A 6.7A
Cat. No. AAH34443U AAH34473U AAH34483U

※ Permissible environmental conditions: temperature (5-40℃) and relative humidity (up to 80%).
※ CSA except for TS-18QG.
※ RoHS except for TS-17SG, 18QG.

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