LCD Ageing Oven – Push-in Cart Type

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Laboratory Oven is essential for general heating routines from drying food samples to curing microchips.  Lab Oven is one of the fundamental instruments every laboratory should have.

Usage: power-on ageing test after assembling large-size LCD panel.

Tracks are installed inside chamber, easy for the ageing cart to be pushed in integrally.

Apply to 32-50 inch LCD panel.

The cart and unit body adopt collector electrode for power supply, easy and reliable.

Sliding door design, the cart can move in or out quickly.

Adjustable ventilation speed.

The holding quantity of cart can be customized according to customer requirements.

Equipped with safety devices of auto overheat protector, overheat protector, blower overheating protection, cart arrival detector switch, over-current earth leakage circuit breaker, etc.

  • - Flat Panel Display Industry
  • - Power-on ageing test after assembling large-size LCD panel
Technical specifications
Operating temperature range
Temperature rising time
~30min (Room temp.→60°C)
Temperature adjustment accuracy
±0.5°C (at 60°C)
Temperature distribution accuracy
±5°C (at 60°C)
Operation function
Fixed temp. operation, instant power outage operation recovering function
LCD size
32~50 inch
Drawer quantity
Power source
3 phase AC380V 6A

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