Maple Syrup Disc AF-324

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Quality Control of Maple Syrup through Color Grading According to the International Maple Syrup Institute
The AF 324 is unique to measure according to the IMSI standards. It comprises 4 different color classes and descriptions:
Golden Maple Syrup with a Delicate Taste
– Color not less than 75% Tc
Amber Maple Syrup with a Rich Taste
– Color 50-74.9% Tc
Dark Maple Syrup with Robust Taste
– Color 25-49.9% Tc
Very Dark Maple Syrup with a Strong Taste
– Color less than 25% Tc
% Tc refers to the percentage of light transmission through maple syrup.
The IMSI Maple Syrup disc has recently been upgraded. For a step-through-guide on how to update the disc, please view the video.

Fast, Economical & Portable Visual Matching
The Comparator 2000+ is a flexible, modular system for Visual Colour Grading. Using a suitable comparator instrument and glass disc, you can quickly visually match the sample directly against the calibrated, colour stable glass standards.

Two-Field Vision for Accurate Results
Lovibond® comparator instruments include an integrated prism which causes the sample and comparison fields to overlap, allowing enhanced colour discrimination and matching. The prism is ultrasonically sealed to prevent contamination of the optics. Each individually graded glass standard represents a discrete step on the measurement range (as opposed to a continuous graduation), aiding colour discrimination and allowing great accuracy of results.

Ability to Guarantee Constant Lighting Conditions
An optional item for the Comparator 2000+ is the Daylight 2000 Lighting Unit. This is a standardised light source which guarantees you a constant lighting condition for accurate colour grading. This is particularly useful when the sample is very pale in colour. By using a Lovibond® lighting unit, you can confident of uniform lighting conditions for colour matching, 24 hours a day and irrespective of ambient lighting.

Extended Shelf Life
The unique feature of Lovibond® test discs is that they incorporate coloured glass standards that are colour stable and not affected by UV light or extreme environmental conditions.

  • Food and Beverage
  • Sugar Solutions, Syrups and Honey
Technical specifications
Applicable Standard IMSI
Color Type Transparent
Portability Portable

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