Model LC 100 Spectrocolorimeter

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  • Handheld and Portable 
    The LC 100 offers the ultimate in portability; its compact and lightweight design ensures the instrument can be with the user at all times, offering immediate access to accurate colour measurement. Fitting in the palm of your hand the LC 100 ensures easy one-handed operation anywhere on site for a prolonged period of time.  
  • Accuracy 
    Despite its lightweight and compact design, the LC 100 does not compromise on accuracy. Using 8 different visible illuminations and 1 UV LED along with the 45°/0 optical geometry and image capture technology, the user can feel confident in the results they are receiving.  
  • Reporting Results 
    To make reporting as quick and easy as possible, the LC 100 automatically creates conformance reports in either PDF or Excel formats. The user can then share these with a PC or directly to a compatible printer. 
  • Storage 
    The LC 100 can store up to 350 sample measurements, these samples can then be tagged via the LC 100’s on-screen keyboard or built in voice recorder. The LC 100 can also store up to 30 reference standards by date and time, ensuring a high level of quality control when comparing results. 
  • Suitable for Multiple Applications
    The versatility of the LC 100 means its suitable for multiple applications and has the ability to report with a display of ΔE for all common methods i.e. CIELAB, CMC, CIE 94, 2000, plus a display of measured and delta differences with L*a*b*C*h° for standard and sample, graphical L*a*b* plot. 
  • Handheld and Lightweight Spectrocolorimeter providing Fast, Precise and Accurate Colour Measurement
  • Up to 350 Sample Measurements can be Stored and Compared to Reference Standards
  • Conformance Reports Available in PDF and Excel Formats
  • Precise Positioning on Sample with Preview of Measurement Area
  • Chemicals
  • Coatings
  • Food and Beverage
  • Household Products
  • Medical and Clinical Products
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
  • Plastics
  • Sugar Solutions, Syrups and Honey
  • Textiles
Technical specifications
Applicable Standard ASTM E308
Colour Type Opaque
Display 4.5 cm Colour TFT
Interfaces USB
Measuring Geometrics 45/0 Image Capture
Internal Storage 30 standards/350 sample results
Measurement Time 1.8 seconds
Storage Temperature -20° to 60°C (-4°F to 104°F)
Short Term Repeatability Typical 0.10 ΔE 94 on white (D65/10)
Illuminants CIE Illuminant A CIE Illuminant D65
Portability Portable

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