Model PF 11

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Temperature Range: +10° -18° C

Technical specifications
The structure is made of completely non-deformable plastic material (resistant to UVA radiation), resistant to mechanical shocks, gray / black on the outside;
the interior is made of aluminum and is white;
All internal corners are rounded to facilitate cleaning High-quality insulation made of high-density polyurethane foam (40 kg/m3) with a thickness of 35 mm; CFC-free;
Due to the increased thickness of the thermal insulation layer, the internal temperature can be maintained for a long time (even if it is not connected to an electrical power source)
Single handle; retractable in the refrigerator structure allowing easy handling of the equipment
The thermally insulated cover is made of the same type of material and the same type of insulation as the rest of the equipment structure (black plastic material).
The cover is provided with a special gasket fixed on the entire perimeter of the equipment and is provided with a special closing system, thus guaranteeing a tight closure; can be removed to facilitate loading or unloading of products Lighting provided with a UV tube for internal lighting with automatic activation when the lid is opened
The control panel is located in the upper part of the refrigerator and consists of:
- Temperature regulator provided with touchpad buttons;
- LCD screen for displaying the internal temperature;
- Light indicator that indicates the moment when the refrigerator is connected to the electricity source;
- Light indicator for the occurrence of some errors, such as: non-compliant and abnormal operation of the equipment, too high temperature of the condenser, discharged battery, supply to the inappropriate source of electricity
The cooling unit mounted in the lower part of the equipment, composed of a condenser and a compressor;
the air is circulated by a fan that ensures uniform temperature distribution;
the stability of the temperature is guaranteed by the fact that the cold air is spread from all four sides of the refrigerator
• Refrigerant: R134a CFC-free
• Refrigeration: static
• Defrosting: manual

Technical data
Model PRF11
Volum util 11 lit
Domeniu Tmp. -18°C / +10°C
Dim.externe(LxAxI) 54 x 24 x 36 cm
Greutate 11 Kg
Alimentare 12V si 24V (230V optional)

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