Model SCF 140

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Temperature Range: -16°C to -25°C


Basic Horizontal Laboratory Freezer BLCF-140, 140L


- Structure: all steel sheet coated with white epoxy (anti-rust) outside and aluminum inside All interior corners are rounded for easy cleaning.

- Insulation: high density foam polyurethane layer (40 kg/cm³), 60 mm thick. Does not contain CFCs.

- Cabinet legs: 4 fixed legs, made of stainless steel coated with white epoxy with high durability and stability

- Insulation lid: 1, outside made of white epoxy coated steel and inside made of atoxic plastic material

The lid is equipped with hinges (to avoid accidental closing) and perimetric rubber-magnetic spacer (increasing the possibility of a complete sealing).

- Internal equipment: 1 mesh basket of steel plate with special configuration located inside the cabinet

- Control panel: integrated at the handle position, with warning lights, soft touch keys and thermomechanical controller

+ Mains indicator light: indicates the presence of power supply

+ Thermostat: Mechanical, allowing to set the desired temperature within the temperature range of the cabinet

+ Warning function: visual (red LED) and sound (via a buzzer) when the temperature is high. The temperature limits are set by the manufacturer and cannot be adjusted. The alarm only works when there is power

+ Superfreezing key: increase the ability to quickly cool new materials, provide a separate indicator light when this function is activated

- Refrigeration unit: includes 1 compressor (located on the bottom right of the cabinet), 1 condenser (located at the back of the cabinet) and copper evaporator tubes mounted on the insulating wall to increase the homogeneity and maximum temperature stability

- Defrost: manual

- Refrigerant: free of CFCs and HCFCs

- Cooling: static, in-chamber evaporator for maximum temperature uniformity and stability.

- Temperature range: -16°C / -25°C

- Power supply: 220-230V/1min/50Hz

- Power socket: schuko . type

- Actual volume: 140L

- Dimensions (W x D x H cm): 55 x 76 x 91

- Packing size (W x D x H cm): 65 x 85 x 115 (0.64 m³)

- Net weight: 50 kg

* Optional accessories

- Temperature chart recording device

- Wooden stand

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