Neva Re-circulating Chiller

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Part Code: EVS-SSC-100

Input voltage 100 – 240VAC 

Cooling output at 20ºC 150 W 

Cooling output at 15ºC 120 W

Cooling output at 10ºC 100W 

Temperature stability +/- 0.2ºC  

Temperature operating range 4ºC to ambient 

Pump rate (max) 3L/min

Reservoir 120 mL

Dimensions: (w x L x h) 161mm x 200mm x 261mm (6.3 x 7.9 x 10.3″)

Weight 4.8 kg 

Tube connections: Quick connect with non-return valves

Product Description

Recirculating Chiller without gases PSL Rheotek is proud to introduce NEVA, a new compact thermoelectric re-circulating chiller. NEVA has been developed using the latest solid-state components in conjunction with advanced thermo-dynamic modelling and embedded electronics. NEVA is the ideal solution for precision cooling a wide range of applications including constant temperature baths, semi-conductors, lasers and other apparatus requiring background cooling. Models available NEVA 150 – stand-alone re-circulating chiller module with external bench top power supply. Nominal cooling capacity 150W at 20ºC NEVA 300 - stand-alone re-circulating chiller module with internal power supply. Nominal cooling capacity 300W at 20ºC.


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