Overhead Stirrers (Prestige touch)

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Ideally perform your professional stirring tasks requiring high functionality, safety, and longevity.

Prestige touch LCD controller and practical external controller add it’s superiority.


  • Years of vibration-free and silent operation.
    – Equipped with a maintenance-free BLDC motor to generate smooth, quiet, and yet powerful stirring.
  • Powerful torque capable of handling high viscosity tasks.
  • Maintenance of constant motor speed by PID feedback control system even under conditions of changing viscosity.
  • Best effort function intelligently manages its stirring speed to keep stirring even workload is out of its capacity.
  • Prevention of accidental spills or splashes thanks to microprocessor controlled smooth start and stop functions.


  • Touch type LCD controller.
    – Various essential information are visible at once and intuitionally controlled.
    – Set/present rpm and run time view, simple timer set. (max. 99 hr. 59 min.)
    – Varying motor torque is indicated on display in real time.
    – Motor temperature condition is indicated on display by three different colors to protect motor.
    – Stirring directions are selectable depending on each impeller’s shape.
  • Built-in USB port for external control and data collection.
    – Useful for PC control and data management task.
    – Lab Companion software and USB cable are provided as standard.
  • Practical external controller.
    – Intuitive and easy control with color touch LCD.
    – It enables convenient and safe external control without opening the sash of the fume hood or safety cabinet.
  • Compact and slim head design for diverse flexibility in configuring other test equipment and accessories. (optional)


  • Sturdy aluminum main body efficiently absorbing and emitting the heat generated by the motor.
  • Safety features against overload and overheating for continuous operation.
    – When it comes to heavy workload, it tries to activate best effort function.
    But if it determines that performing the work is harmful for it, than it stops stirring.
    – Equipped with a mini fan inside to minimize overheating of the motor.
  • Separated adapter from the main body minimizes the risks of electrical hazards to the users.
  • Screen lock function prevents accidental changes during operation.
Model MSH-0512 MSH-0520
Speed control PID feedback control
Speed range (rpm) 50 to 1,200 50 to 2,000
Chuck range (mm / inch, dia) 3 to 10 / 0.1 to 0.4
Stirring capacity, Max. (L, H2O) 100 60
Viscosity, Max. (cP) 1)
5,000 (~1,200rpm)
10,000 (~1,200rpm)
30,000 (~1,200rpm)
50,000 (~700rpm)
5,000 (~2,000rpm)
10,000 (~1,600rpm)
30,000 (~600rpm)
50,000 (~300rpm)
Torque, Max. (N·cm) 41.6 20.8
Motor rating input / output (W) 71 / 48
Material Body / Cover / Motor Powder coated aluminum / Polypropylene / BLDC
Dimension Overall (W×D×H) (mm / inch) 80x185x235 / 3.1x7.3x9.3
Net weight (Kg / lbs) 3.1 / 6.8
Protection class (DIN EN 60529) IP30
Electrical requirements AC 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz with power adapter
Power consumption (W) 5.0 A 5.0 A
Cat. No. KR Plug AAH371415K AAH371515K
US Plug AAH371415U AAH371515U

1) Silicone oil with using 3-bladed propeller impeller(Ø50) under room temperature of 26℃, 60%RH, no load. ※ Permissible environmental conditions : temperature (5-40℃) and relative humidity (up to 80%). ※ Main body comes together with chuck handle and attaching rod. ※ Above specifications can be changed without prior notice.

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