Petroleum Oils Comparator AF-650

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Accurate Determination of the ASTM Oils Scale
The AF 650 incorporates 16 glass standards which make up the scale in a pair of discs Fast Determination of Colour Value
You can directly compare the sample with the colour values for quick results. Easy to Achieve Optimum Colour Accuracy
The advantage of a 3-section field of view is that the sample and two consecutive glasses on the colour scale are viewed simultaneously, making it easier and quicker for you to achieve the ideal colour match. Facilitates Tolerance Level Setting
For rapid colour grading within predetermined colour limits, the glass standards can be set to the two limiting colours so that it is easy to check that the sample is within tolerance. Guaranteed Constant Lighting Conditions
In the instruments, the tungsten halogen light source is colour corrected to CIE standard illuminant C*, which guarantees constant lighting conditions for colour grading. Compliance to Standards
Each Comparator 3000 is supplied with the correct cells for the appropriate path length determined by the standard.

  • Petroleum Oils
  • Waxes
Technical specifications
Applicable Standard ASTM D1500 ASTM D6045 ISO 2049
Color Type Transparent
Portability Benchtop
itle Scale Path Length Scale Range Scale Resolution Applicable Standard  
ASTM Colour 33 mm 0.5 - 7.5 1 unit ASTM D1500, ISO 2049  
ASTM Colour 33 mm 1.0 - 8.0 1 unit ASTM D1500, ISO 2049

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