Programmable Heating Bath Circulators

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Intelligent program control

  • 10 programs available for temperature ramp up and dwell control.
  • 10 steps per a program and 99 hours 59 minutes per a step.
  • Stored programs are easily linkable.
  • Programs can be repeated up to 99 cycles.
  • Pre-heating and heating time are settable before program starts.


  • Temperature range from ambient +10℃ to 150℃.
  • Microprocessor PID control.
  • Three point temperature calibration / Automatic tuning / Automatic run.
  • Accurate, stable, and efficient temperature management by using a powerful variable-speed pump. (1 to 3 steps of pump for internal circulation and 4 to 5 steps for external circulation)
  • Powerful pump pressure and flow rate throughout the whole temperature range.


  • Intuitive touch screen LCD controller with easy icons and logical menus.
  • Dual wait on/off timer modes. (1 min. to 99 hr. 59 min.)
  • Digital input and output control function for interlocking external devices.
  • Corrosion-resistant, leak-proof, round-cornered, and easy-to-clean stainless steel bath with easy access drain valve.
  • RS-232 / USB interface for external control and data collection.
  • Built-in casters and side handles for easy transport and installation.
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected (mobile monitoring system) connection.(when purchased LC GreenBox)


  • Isolated design of agitator, heater, and sensor by a baffle plate to minimize the turbulence in the bath fluid and also to protect users and samples against direct contact.
  • Temperature warning indicator simply shows inner reservoir’s temperature by three different colors.
  • Complete safety protection system with warning alarms.
    – Low fluid level and dry-running, over-temperature, over-current.
  • Keypad lock function prevents accidental changes during operation.
  • Splash-proof keypad.
Model CW3-05P CW3-10P CW3-20P CW3-30P

Bath volume (L / cu ft)

5 / 0.2

10 / 0.4

20 / 0.7

30 / 1.1


Working temperature range  (℃ / ℉)

Amb. +10 to 150 / Amb. +18 to 302

Temperature stability 1)  (±℃ / ℉)

0.05 / 0.09

Heat up time to 70℃ / 158 ℉ (min)  1)  (±℃ / ℉)






Bath opening / depth

(W×L, D) (mm / inch)


/ 5.9×3.9×6.3


/ 8.3×6.1×7.1


/ 11.4×8.4×7.9


/ 11.8×10.4×9


(W×L×H) (mm / inch)


/ 9.0×15.6×16.7


/ 11.4×17.7×17.5


/ 14.5×20.1×18.3


/ 14.9×22×19.4

Net weight (kg / lbs)

12.5 / 27.6

15.0 / 33.1

17.5 / 38.6

19.5 / 43.0

Electrical requirements (230V, 50/60 Hz)





Cat. No.

AAH52741K AAH52751K AAH52761K AAH52771K

Electrical requirements (120V, 60 Hz)

8.6A 8.6A 8.6A 8.6A

Cat. No.

AAH52742U AAH52752U AAH52762U AAH52772U

※ The lowest temperature that can be controlled depends on changes in ambient temperature and sample temperature. Therefore, please contact the distributor of our products before purchasing for technical consultation.

※ Technical data (according to DIN 12876)

※ In case using silicon oil, you need to exchange other material tube (inlet and out late part), such as copper tube, a teflon tube instead of a silicon tube in fitting.

1) Bath fluid : Water at 50℃ / 122℉


Stainless Steel Cover

Sturdy, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel material.

Cat. No. Model
AAA51531 RW3-0525(P), RW3-0535(P), CW3-05(P)
AAA51532 RW3-1025(P), RW3-1035(P), CW3-10(P)
AAA51533 RW3-2025(P), RW3-2035(P), CW3-20(P)
AAA51534 RW3-3025(P), RW3-3035(P), CW3-30(P)



Test Tube Racks

Highly durable stainless steel test tube racks feature adjustable angle and tube height support without requiring any base plate. You can easily mount and release test tube racks.

Cat. No. Description Insert Capacity of Racks*
AAA44581 for 86 test tubes Ø8mm / Ø0.3˝

CW3-20(P): 2ea

CW3-30(P): 2ea

RW3-2025(P): 2ea

RW3-2035(P): 2ea

RW3-3025(P): 2ea

RW3-3035(P): 2ea

AAA44582 for 86 test tubes Ø10mm / Ø0.4˝
AAA44583 for 58 test tubes Ø12mm / Ø0.5˝
AAA44585 for 32 test tubes Ø16mm / Ø0.6˝
AAA44586 for 19 test tubes Ø25mm / Ø1.0˝
AAA41531 for 50 test tubes Ø8mm / Ø0.3˝

CW3-10(P): 1ea

RW3-1025(P): 1ea

RW3-1035(P): 1ea

AAA41532 for 50 test tubes Ø10mm / Ø0.4˝
AAA41533 for 33 test tubes Ø12mm / Ø0.5˝
AAA41535 for 16 test tubes Ø16mm / Ø0.6˝
AAA41539 for 10 test tubes Ø25mm / Ø1.0˝

* No declination.

Spring Wire Racks

Ideal for holding a wide variety of tubes, flasks, and other glassware. All components are made of stainless steel. (for all models)


Cat. No. Suitable for
AAA51522 CW3-20(P), RW3-2025(P), 2035(P)
AAA51523 CW3-30(P), RW3-3025(P), 3035(P)

LC GreenBox

Real-time monitoring and control of device operation via mobile app. Up to 4 devices can be connected at once.

Cat. No. Description Suitable for
AAHQ1011K LC GreenBox (2.4GHz, 100~240V, 50/60Hz) CW3, RW3 models

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