Model SK-10000T

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New released mass production model 20kg models for non vacuum or vacuum type up to customer’s requirement.
: Revolution/Rotation individually speed can be controlled. (Rotation: 0-1.0 times speed changeable)
: Max 20kg gross weight (10Kg x 2) throughput mass production model.
: Customize model which 7,000ml standard container as well as specific container can be correspond.

7000 ml × 2 cups

  • - Battery manufacturers
  • - Electronic parts manufacturers
  • - Adhesive manufacturers
  • - Pigment and high functional material manufacturers
  • - Ceramic industry
  • - Defense and aerospace industry
  • - Cosmetic industry
  • - Medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • - Dental industry
Technical specifications
Type Standard type
Container 7000ml HDPE container or SUS container
Max capacity 10kg(Including container) x 2 cups
Revolution speed 100 - 400 rpm, 9 levels
Rotation speed 0 -1.0 times against Rev speed, 10 levels
Setup time 10 -300 sec (10 decimal sec)
Step mode 1- 5 Step
Memory Channel Fixed CH: 10CH User settable CH: 90CH
Power source Three phase 200 -240V, 50/60Hz
Electric Max 20KVA
consumption Outer dimension W1,900×D1,300×H980 mm
Electric Approx. 1,500kg

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