Ubbelohde Master Viscometer

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Master Viscometers PSL-Rheotek

Master Viscometer (ASTM D2162) UbbelohdeComplete with UKAS Certificate of calibration (ISO 17025). Laboratory No. 0247.

Master Viscometer Specifications:ASTM D2162

Master Viscometer Test Methods:ASTM 2162

Product Description

PSL-Ubbelohde Master Viscometers are manufactured in the strictest compliance with the specifications laid down in ASTM 2162 covering the Standard Master Viscometers and Viscosity Oil Standards. Manufactured from high grade borosilicate glass tubing to the most exacting standard of workmanship, the PSL-Rheotek Master Viscometers represent the best of the scientific glassblowing tradition. Calibration is carried out in the ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory on the manufacter's premises in the United Kingdom. Nominal overall length: 420mm to 580mm, depending on size. Dedicated holders also available. Supplied with UKAS (ISO 17025) Certificate of calibration.

Catalogue No. Size Constant
1690/01 0 0.001
1690/02 0C 0.003
1690/03 0B 0.005
1690/04 1 0.01
1690/05 1C 0.03
1690/06 1B 0.05
1690/07 2 0.1
1690/08 2C 0.3
1690/09 2B 0.5
1690/10 3 1.0
1690/11 3C 3.0
1690/12 3B 5.0
1690/13 4 10
1690/14 4C 30
1690/15 4B 50
1690/16 5 100

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