ULT Freezer NV39 – Upright Model

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Scientific research requires flexible, reliable and high-level equipment.

In fact, scientists and laboratory technicians use ultra-low freezers to store their biological samples for a long period of time.

An Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is a must-have in any research laboratory, as it is essential to extend the life cycle of various materials, thus reducing the waste of expensive resources. The operating temperature ranges from -45 to -86 degrees.

The low temperatures that an ultra low laboratory freezer can reach are suitable for scientific, in particular medical, but also industrial applications.

There are two types of ultra-low freezers available on the market: vertical (upright) and horizontal (chest) ultra freezer.

However, as far as technical and operating specifications are concerned, there are no substantial differences, apart from the portability inside the laboratory.

Therefore it is possible to configure the ideal ULT freezer for your logistic requirements, without affecting its performances.

The internal coating of these devices, insulated from the outside by polyurethane, is in stainless steel. The freezer is divided in internal compartments, so to better organize the different samples.

The shelves are easily adjustable, so to meet the requirement for different heights.

The solidity and insulation capacity ensure that the internal temperature is always maintained, even in the event of a power failure.

The LCD display is extremely intuitive and provides the possibility, in addition to monitoring all parameters and alarms, to be able to record the temperature trend through a graph.

LCD ultraFACE features:

  • Touch screen display enables full control and monitoring of all components of the ultra freezer.
  • Checking the status of the internal batteries, which provides electrical supply to the display even in case of lack of electricity.
  • It is possible to view and download, via USB, all data concerning activated alarms and machine performances.
  • The controller has a triple security system that ensures the inviolability of the data and reduces the possibility of unauthorized control by external elements.
  • - Covid-19 vaccine storage
  • - Research universities
  • - Medical centers and hospitals
  • - Blood banks
  • - Forensic labs for long-term evidence storage
Technical specifications
  • Internal Volume [L]: 390
  • Interior compartment doors: 4
  • Total Shelves: 4
  • Total Racks: 16
  • Total Cryoboxes 5.1 H size: 240
  • Total Cryoboxes 7.7 H size: 144
  • Internal Dimension (WxDxH) [mm]: 610 x 500 x 1310
  • External Dimension (WxDxH) [mm]: 840 x 750 x 1970
  • Temperature Range [°C]: -45 to -86
  • Temperature fluctuation at -80°C: ±1.5°C
  • Warm-up time during power failure from -80 °C to -60 °C: 140 min
  • Warm-down time from 0 to –80°C: 180 min
  • Alarm: Audio-visual
  • Security device: Alarm system with backup battery

Our freezers can be customized according to your requirements. If you did not find the correct size, no problem, contact our sales team to get an individual offer.

  • ASMS100 - Remote notification alarm via text message
  • DPS100 - Surge protection device for regulating and circuit control
  • ST100 - Incorporated voltage stabilizer system
  • UPS100 - Uninterruptible power supply
  • BA0188 - Weekly circular chart temperature recorder, including 50 papers and 2 pens
  • RS485 - RS485 Serial interface for remote connection
  • RS485/USB - RS485/USB interface converter
  • RS232 - RS232 Serial interface for remote connection
  • ETH100 - Ethernet interface for remote connection
  • SND20T - additional Pt 100, with flexible cable installed with external connection
  • BK201 - Security backup system with CO2
  • LN200 - Security backup system with LN2
  • RFG100 - Security refrigerant system
  • RFID100 - Restricted access door with traceability by smart card
  • 86NV-S2 - Double access door
  • VRACK - Chamber stainless steel rack for cryoboxes
  • IQ-OQ-100 - Qualification IQ/OQ
  • PAC00 - Wooden crate packaging
  • PAW00 - Wooden boxes packaging
  • FA100C - Access cables port with plug
  • GP100 - Additional shelf
  • GP100R - Additional reinforced shelf
  • TE110 - Power supply 110 V 50-60 Hz

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