Vehicle VOC test chamber

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Test Principles

  • The process of the test of pollutant release with the environmental chamber can be
  • Summarized as:putting materials and products or their samples in the test chamber,and
  • Adjusting environmental conditions such as temperature in the chamber,relative humidity and air exchange rate;sampling at the exhaust port or the inside of the environmental chamber;adopting appropriate methods to analyze gas samples and identify major pollutants and the changes in their concentration with the time;then confirm the release rate and release properties of materials and products according to the measured concentration.


  • The testequipment satisfies ISO12219-2011 Environmental Protection Industry Standard of People’s  Republic of China
  • Background of the test chamber is controlled with Ventilation Method and internal circulation
  • The customer provides other accessories and instruments for detecting voc,while the supplier coordinaters with the installation of sampling aperture.

Reference Standards

  • VOC  Detection Method for Japanese JAMA Vehicle(Automotive air conditioning can be started)
  • National standard HJ/T 400-2007 Methods for Sampling and Detecting Volatile Organic Compounds as well as  Aldehydes and Ketones inside the Vehicle(The whole vehicle is static)
  • GB/T 28370-2012 Detection Methods for Air Quality in the Coach
  • VOC Test Methods for German VW PV 3938 Vehicle(Infrared Heating Method)
  • ISO 12219-1:2012(E) Air in Road Vehicles Section I:The Whole Vehicle  Testing with the Environmental Chamber Method Method Specification for Detection of olatile Organic Compounds inside the Vehicle(simulating sunshine)
Technical specifications
Temperature Adjustable range 20~30℃
Adjustment accuracy ±0.5℃(Fluctuation), ±1.0℃(Deviation)
Measurement accuracy ±0.1℃
Relative humidity Adjustable range 40~70%R.H.
Adjustment accuracy ±5%R.H.(Deviation)
Measurement accuracy ±1%R.H
Ventilation Flow Adjustable range 300~1200m³/h(Air change rate: 2.0-10times/hour)
Dimension of the inside of VOC compartments of the whole vehicle 8000*5000*3500mm=140m³(depth*width*height)
Dimension of the door of VOC compartments of the whole vehicle 2800*3000mm(height*width)
Pressure indide VOC compartments of the whole vehicle /
Wind rate ≤0.3m/s, with outlet at the smallpox mesh on the ceiling and return air at the bottom
Maximum air processing Volume of the filter Air quantity Air flow: 3m³/h
Activated carbon filter/chemical filter Max wind processing volume:1000m³/h Requirements of pollutant concentration in gases after processing
Value of background concentration of pollutants in the environmental chamber Blank background: 1. Benzene<0.010mg/m3; 2. Methylbenzene ≤ 0.02mg/m3; 3. Xylen e≤ 0.02; 4. Ethylbenzene ≤ 0.02mg/m3; 5. Styrene ≤ 0.020mg/m3; 6. Formaldehyde ≤ 0.02mg/m3; 7. Acetaldehyde ≤ 0.01mg/m3; 8. Acrolein ≤ 0.01mg/m3
Opening the door of the whole vehicle:due to great differences of materials of the vehicle, when opening the door of the whole vehicle, it should be guarantee that voc of single component is smaller than 0.02mg/m3 or10% of the limit; formaldehyde content is smaller than 0.02mg/m3; TVOC content is smaller than 0.2mg/m3

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