VOC Pretreatment Chamber

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Range of temperature and humidity:

  • 22℃~25℃±2.0℃( Adjustable )
  • 45~50%R.H.±5%, Wind speed 0.3m/s. 
  • VOCS is required to be air intake volatility. 
  • Organic concentration should not exceed the following indexes

Product specifications

Indoor air cleanlinessTVOC≤0.35/m³(≤350μg/ m³)
Benzene≤0.015/m³(≤15μg/ m³)Acetaldehyde≤0.015/m³(≤15μg/ m³)
Toluene≤0.015/m³(≤15μg/ m³)Ethylbenzene≤0.015/m³(≤15μg/ m³)
Xylene≤0.015/m³(≤15μg/ m³)Formaldehyde≤0.015/m³(≤15μg/ m³)
Acrolein≤0.015/m³(≤15μg/ m³)Styrene≤0.005/m³(≤15μg/ m³)

VOC pretreatment room, clean room

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